Lobster Sashimi at Iron Chef Cabramatta

Australia – Day 10 – Sydney

After having one of my least memorable meals in Australia the previous day, we drove back to Sydney and Auntie took us to a Chinese restaurant in Sydney for one of my most memorable meals in Australia.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _01

Iron Chef
84 Broomfield St.
Cabramatta NSW
2166, Australia

Iron Chef is like any other major Chinese banquet style restaurant I’ve been too. It’s a big open restaurant with lots of big tables and traditional Chinese decorations on walls.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _04150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _05

As promised by Auntie, we were here for seafood. Most seafood items are sold per kg and depending on what you order they will charge “cooking style surcharges”. It adds up! We were charged AU$20 per serve for our lobster.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _07

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _08Here is a close up on what we would be paying.  We ended up ordering the LIVE Lobster (large) for AU$248/kg which is a about AU$112.72/lbs. (and I think that converts to US$)

Meals starts with a house soup, which my Mom really appreciates. We had a similar soup in Melbourne at another seafood restaurant and I wonder if that’s what most seafood (Chinese banquet style) restaurants have.

I also thought it was quite interesting to see dim sum -like carts being rolled around during the dinner time with all of the dishes on it. I think that’s a good thing to save the servers wrists. The dishes, pots, and plates are quite heavy. I thought I took a picture of it, but I can’t find it…I guess I didn’t (oops).

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _09150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _10

Our lobster we brought out to us in a bucket to see before they serve it to us. Auntie had me pick up the lobster to take a picture, I was really hesitant to touch it but Auntie insisted even when our server dude didn’t really want me to. He said it was because this lobster was mean and he almost got clawed and broke the antenna. Don’t worry, i didn’t get hurt or scratched at all.

This guy weighed at almost exactly 2kg.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _11

Auntie ordered our “lobster cooked 2 styles”: sashimi and fried over noodles.

Raw seafood is amazing if you like seafood and can handle it raw I guess. I’ve gotten a few “eeew’s” from friends when I very excited talk about this lobster sashimi I had.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _12150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _13

I think the most interesting and scary part about this was the fact that the lobster is served still moving. Yes, you read that right. The antenna and claws are still moving as we pick at the translucent lobster tail sashimi.

This wasn’t my first time having lobster sashimi though. I’ve had this at a seafood restaurant at in Koreatown LA several years ago but that was a different type of lobster. Did you notice that this lobster doesn’t have a claw?

The lobster sashimi

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _21150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _23

And when we finished the lobster sashimi, our server took our lobster away to prepare our second course of lobster. The faster you finish the lobster sashimi the more fresh the lobster will be for this course.

Auntie is a pro at serving the noodles with a serving spoon and a serving fork like a pair of thongs. She tried teaching me, but I couldn’t comfortably pick up the food (without splashing some food all over the place). I wonder if that’s how it feels to learn how to use chopsticks.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _30

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _32I don’t like dealing with the shell but lucky for me I have a family that is willing to take care of it for me.

Though there were moments when I gave it try too. There is actually a lot of flavor on the shells so I guess it’s worth getting your hands messy.

But the next best thing about this dish would be the noodles. The stir fried lobster sits on top of the boiled up noodles. And because of that, the noodles soak in all of the sauce and flavor from the lobster.

And as you can see in the picture on the right, I finished the rest of the noodles. The plate was all clean thanks to me. haha.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _28

Although the lobster was pretty expensive, it was not quite enough to feed all 7 of us. Auntie (and Uncle) ordered a few more dishes.

Family always makes sure we eat our vegetables. They ordered a lightly stir fried baby bok choi.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _19

Yuntiha loves rice! And most Chinese meals must include white rice. Here, we ordered a simple shrimp fried rice. I actually prefer fried rice that is light in color and does not have too much soy sauce in it.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _29

And then because we wanted to eat pork, Auntie chose the sweet and sour pork. It’s not exactly the orange chicken you can get at Panda Express though. These pieces of pork still have bone in them.

150915c Lobster Dinner Iron Chef _33

And our complimentary desserts included slices of orange and cookies. I don’t think I’ve ever been served cookies at the end of Chinese banquet style meal.

All together, this was an amazing meal all because of the amazing 2kg lobster. The rest of was just some typical Chinese food. Do you think the lobster was cruel? Would you give it a try?


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