The Entrance

Australia – Day 11 (part 2) – NSW

The Entrance

We needed to be at a place called “The Entrance” by 3:30pm.

150916e The Entrance _01

It took us about an hour and half to drive from Hunter Valley to The Entrance for lunch and watch others have lunch.

The Entrance is literally located right at “the entrance” of The Tuggerah Lake.

150916e The Entrance _03150916e The Entrance _04 _SH

We arrived at The Entrance early enough to relax and grab lunch, after walking along the Entrance waterfront for a little bit we decided to eat at Jumbos Seafoods.

150916e The Entrance _05150916e The Entrance _06

The seafood is placed in a display case with lots of ice on one side, I guess that’s how you know you will be getting freshly cooked food.

150916e The Entrance _16

We ordered the Grilled Platter and the Seafood Basket both serve 2 people which was enough for the 5 of us for lunch.

150916e The Entrance _13

The Grilled Platter included 2 fish fillets, 2 prawns, 4 mussels, 6 calamari all served on top of a bed of chips.

They actually fried up the fish from what was on display. I believe it was the barramundi fillet. It was fresh seafood all fried up and the seafood tasted quite fresh.

150916e The Entrance _15

The Seafood Basket included 4 fish cocktails, 4 calamari, 2 seafood sticks, 2 prawns cutlets, 2 sea scallops on top of a bed of chips.

I was a little disappointed with the seafood basket. Fish cocktails and prawn sticks reminded me of fried fish cakes of some sort. I guess it was more like ground up fish and/or shrimp and then fried? I don’t know, it made me feel as though it could be processed (but I’m sure it’s not).

Over all, the food filled us up and ready for us to watch the Pelican Feeding. The fish the pelican get to eat are actually from Jumbos, I guess that’s where all of the really fresh fish go.

150916e The Entrance _17150916e The Entrance _19

We had a few more minutes and I walked over to a little ice cream shop and got myself a scoop of boysenberry ripple ice cream to enjoy as I watch pelicans eat.

150916e The Entrance _02150916e The Entrance _24 When we arrived, the pelican feeding platform was empty but as 3:30pm approached the platform was filling up with people and pelican.

150916e The Entrance _25

These pelicans are local to the area and are fed everyday at 3:30pm. And these birds sure aren’t shy, they don’t have any problem walking right up to you.

150916e The Entrance _28150916e The Entrance _50

It’s quite a site to see all of these pelicans right in front of you. They are a lot bigger then I expected. There is someone out their educating the audience about the wild life in the area and of course the pelican as they are being fed.

150916e The Entrance _47

150916e The Entrance _42

These guys kept their eyes on the prize (their fish) and sort of fought for the fish. Look at the winner in the picture above! It was pretty cool.




  1. Love the pelican shots Sarah!

    1. Thank you Kirk! It was worth the drive to see these birds.

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