Terrigal, NSW Australia

Australia – Day 11 (Part 3)

Instead of hanging out at The Entrance auntie took us to one of her favorite beach. So we headed south along the coast to Terrigal.

Auntie fondly referred to this place as 天涯海角 which means “the ends of the earth” and really does bring a very different view compared to the other beaches we’ve been to in Australia.

150916f Terrigal _01150916f Terrigal _02

Terrigal Haven is a popular surfing, swimming, boating, waterskiing and fishing beach. It was rather late in the afternoon and when we arrived there weren’t very many people around.

Parking was a breeze near Haven Sport Fishing Charters. Auntie led the way, and walked us along a small stretch of Terrigal Haven beach and then onto lots of rocks.

150916f Terrigal _03

I wasn’t exactly wearing the correct shoes for this though. I was actually wearing heels, so I slowly made my way along the coast behind my family and Auntie.

150916f Terrigal _04

Auntie was super excited to be here, we could barely catch up with with her.

150916f Terrigal _05 _SH150916f Terrigal _12

As we continued to walk along the rock bed / tide pool (?) I can see why Auntie calls this place 天涯海角 which means “the ends of the earth”. The sky reflects off of the rocks and water and all you see beyond the the rock bed / tide pool (?) are waves and a seemingly never ending horizon. If we still believed the earth to be be flat I guess this would be where the earth just runs off into space?

150916f Terrigal _17

This rock bed / tide pool (what is this supposed to be called?) feels quite secluded behind us is a big rock wall and in front of us is ocean. After doing some research I found that the big rock wall is called the Skillion and it really is quite an uphill hike to get to the top of that from the other side parking lot and I guess the other side of the little peninsula. There were lots of people working out on that hill (I should have snapped a few shots of that…if only I thought of that instead of watching people workout).

150916f Terrigal _16150916f Terrigal _19

150916f Terrigal _30150916f Terrigal _34 _SH

I took so many pictures of this area instead! It I usually end up with quite a few pictures that I don’t like or that didn’t come out as nice but almost all of my pictures from Terrigal were so pretty (yes, kind of tooting my own horn here). So I’ll just share a few of my favorites.
150916f Terrigal _47

We just chilled and walked, enjoy the ocean breeze, and took a lot of pictures. Yuntiha and I made a few attempts to take some jumping pictures. It wasn’t my day to jump, cause that’s the best I could do. And then we headed back to Sydney.

I’ve been labeling all of this as Sydney, but its technically New South Wales (NSW) the state in which Sydney is located in. By the way, I don’t know I keep saying “North South West” instead of “New South Wales” when I see NSW. Is it just me?



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