Lunch at Canberra Centre Hokka Hokka AND Canberra Museum and Gallery

Australia – Day 12 – Canberra (part 4)

We were in the area for lunch and returned right after visiting the Australian War Museum to check out a nearby museum.

150917d Canberra City Centre _07 _SH

We were originally looking for Hungry Jacks, we wandered into the Canberra Centre hoping their would be one in the food court. Nope. Just McDonalds. We ended up deciding to eat at Hokka Hokka. As we were walking back to our car after lunch, we walked by the Canberra Gallery and Museum and the exhibit looked really interesting (we came back cause I wanted to go see it).

Lunch at Canberra Centre Hokka Hokka

We walked around the food court at Canberra Centre and was disappointed to not find Hungry Jacks. Hokka Hokka got my attention because it reminded me some noodle stalls in Singaporean Hawker Centers.

150917e Canberra City Centre Foodcourt Hakka Hakka _01

The concept is pretty simple and I think works great as a food court kind of thing. The made-to-order noodle bar lets you select your noodle, toppings, and soup or sauce. Of course they have other options like a hot food bar and other specialties. Sorry,  I couldn’t get any pictures of the bar area with all of the options.

Everyone went with the Soup Noodle Bar. Prices range depending on your topics. AU$11.90 for 1 meat or seafood + 2 vegetables, AU$13.90 for 2 meats or seafood + 2 vegetables. Additional: $2 for prawns, $1 for chicken breast.

150917e Canberra City Centre Foodcourt Hakka Hakka _02150917e Canberra City Centre Foodcourt Hakka Hakka _07

Soup options were Clear Soup or Laksa Soup. The clear soup really doesn’t  look as excited compared to the Laksa.

150917e Canberra City Centre Foodcourt Hakka Hakka _03150917e Canberra City Centre Foodcourt Hakka Hakka _04

Auntie and I ordered the Laksa soup. I really don’t remember what we each ordered but looks like we got fish balls, tofu, baby corn, greens, etc. I remember just pointing at whatever looked good at the moment. Everything was topped with a hand full of bean sprouts (I think Auntie put extra chilis over her bowl).

This was actually spicy enough for me. The broth was not bad. It had a nice kick to it (this is one of the few dishes in Singapore that forced me to learn how to eat spicy food). The coconut was not very strong though.

150917e Canberra City Centre Foodcourt Hakka Hakka _05 150917e Canberra City Centre Foodcourt Hakka Hakka _08

Mom and Yuntiha (they shared) and Dad ordered the clear soup. Although it doesn’t look as exciting, they got a few more interesting toppings. Look at the prawns (AU$2 extra) and dumplings.

As you can see, apparently we all have very similar taste, and didn’t really try much of a variety of the many options available.

We walked by this museum at lunch, before heading to the Australian War Memorial and decided to circle back since we still relatively early.

Canberra Museum and Gallery CMAG

150917g Canberra Museum Gallery _01 _SH

150917g Canberra Museum Gallery _14

I was intrigued by the Ink Remix exhibit after walking by and seeing the image above. It’s a very modern take on traditional Chinese art.

CMAG serves a unique role as a place to experience the diverse history and contemporary culture of the Canberra region; and through this to gain a deeper understanding of Australia’s dynamic culture in its global setting. (source)

150917g Canberra Museum Gallery _03150917g Canberra Museum Gallery _04

The Ink Remix exhibit ended up being much better then I expected. Most pieces looked like a traditional Asian painted, but when you take a second look you’ll find that it’s modern art.

150917g Canberra Museum Gallery _11150917g Canberra Museum Gallery _12

One of our favorites in the exhibit was “Rising Mist.” This isn’t a painting but a video. We walked into a small room and Rising Mist was projected onto a white wall. At first we had no idea what this was going to be. Then the image(s) slowly showed through the mist.

150917g Canberra Museum Gallery _07150917g Canberra Museum Gallery _09

The black and white pencil like drawing started to move. It’s a view of a traditional Asian image of mountains and water and then you faintly hear the the sounds of a bustling city with traffic etc. then the mist sets in again.

I think I could have just sat their and watched this a few more times, but Dad and Auntie didn’t join us here (they decided to go shopping at Canberra Centre).

150917g Canberra Museum Gallery _02We took a quick look at a couple other exhibits: Alphabet (works from 26 glass artists) and Fashion & Fantasy (think…barbies).

I tried to take a picture of each glass letter, but my camera battery decided it didn’t want to take any more pictures.

Glass Alphabet is still at the Canberra Museum + Gallery and definitely worth stopping by to see your letter. It looks like it on display there again from Feb 8, 2016 to July 10, 2016. CMAG Glass Alphabet 

We then headed back to Canberra Centre to meet up with Auntie and Dad to head back to Sydney. It’s a long drive, so we went home and rested. Auntie has another road trip planned for us. Yes, that’s 3 road trips in 3 days! Thank you Auntie!




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