Papa Rich Malaysian Delights – Parramatta

Australia – Day 13 – Sydney

After a long drive back to Sydney from Jenolan Caves and Blue Mountains we picked up Uncle and headed out for dinner in Parramatta. Since Uncle didn’t join us last time we had Malaysian / Singaporean food at Temasek a few days ago, this was Uncles turn to try some Malaysian / Singaporean food.

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _04

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _08Auntie and Uncle both know I really like Malaysian/Singaporean food, so they took us to another popular spot. PappaRich in Parramatta.

Westfield Parramatta
Shop 2185A – Zone G,

159-175 Church Street
Parramatta, 2150 NSW

After wandering around the mall looking for PappaRich Parramatta, we found it but there was quite a line outside. The line goes all along the outside patio and sadly that made us even more hungry. I was trying really hard not to stare at the food that people were eating outside. So I took pictures while in line. Check out the line in front of us from our selfie.

As we waited, I studied the menu and got a little indecisive. But I was glad we didn’t actually wait too long before finally being seated.

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _10 _SH

Auntie and Uncle let me order for everyone. They give you a order sheet and you mark the menu number, quantity, and additional remarks.

Each of the menu items are coded by section: N=Noodles, R=Rice, C=Roti, ST=Satay, MF=Malaysian Favourites, PD=Pappa Delicious Concoction

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _12 _SH

Once you have filled in your order sheet, hand it to a server and they will print out a receipt. Yes, that was our total; $97.70 for 6 people.

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _14 _SH

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _13 _SHAfter writing in our ticket items, Uncle decided to add a few more drinks to our order. I wasn’t going to order the milk tea but I figured I don’t get this very often and I’m technically still on vacation. So I ordered MF19: Teh Tarik Iced ($4.20). It’s basically an iced milk tea, but so yummy! The tea and milk combination was perfect.

Technically it was Uncle who talked me into getting a drink. He ordeed PD04: Open Sesame Ice Blended ($7.50). This was more of a dessert then a drink though. It really tastes like the hot black sesame soup dessert thing (what is it actually called) except blended with ice and obviously cold instead of hot.

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _17 _SH

R01: Pappa Chicken Rice with Steamed Chicken ($13.90). We ordered 2 to make sure that was enough for everyone.

First things first, we had to order the Chicken Rice. And yes, we just had to compare this to the chicken rice at Temasek. We all agreed that the rice was not as good as the rice at Temasek, but the chicken (although cannot really be seen thanks to the tomato and sauces) at PappaRich is better.

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _15 _SH

N04: Pappa Char Koay Teow ($13.90). This is simply a stir fried rice noodle. The noodles are not very thick stir fried in a sweet soy sauce. These noodles look like the fresh rice noodles that are often served with with pho in Australia.

There was a lot of stuff stir fried in the Char Koay Teow: bean sprouts, egg, shrimp, fish cake. Not very memorable but it’s a good start.

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _18 _SH

R05: Pappa Special Nasi Lemak (2 Dishes) with Curry Chicken & Sembal Prawns ($16.50).

I don’t like eating white rice unless it’s fried or some sort of flavored rice. The rice is a coconut rice quite flagrant. I ordered this cause I think it’s national dish in Malaysia. My favorite is almost always the fishies, I mean anchovies.

Too bad this was not as easy to share with the family.

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _20 _SH150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _21 _SH

ST01: Satay Chicken 6 pieces ($13.90). Satay has always been an easy street food. Often times, I think of it as something that is served in a peanut sauce of some sort.

150918f Papa Rich Malaysian Delights  _22 _SH

C02: Roti Canai with Curry Chicken ($13.90). This was what I was really looking forward to trying. Prata was always my favorite thing to eat for supper when I lived in Singapore and unfortunately I haven’t had that since.

Roti Canai is quite similar, dipped in a curry sauce. For $13.90, this was quite pricey! I used to pay about $1 or $2 for prata. The curry isn’t very spicy but there is plenty of sambal hot sauce on the side. We didn’t really need the chicken curry, could have gone without it.

I tried to be very quick with my pictures at dinner. I was so excited to eat and we were all quite hungry. The food was pretty good and pretty authentic! I’m also super excited to see that PapaRich is now in Los Angeles! I will be making my way over there to check it out next time I’m in LA.


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  1. The food platter looks very good. Satay chicken is one of my favorite. That’s great to know there is one in LA to try.

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