Sydney Chinatown: Taiwanese Breakfast and Paddy’s Market for Souvenirs

Australia – Day 14 – Sydney – Chinatown

Our final full day in Australia! I didn’t plan anything to make sure we had some time to rest, pack, and do anything we may have missed.We spent the day re-visiting a few local places. We started our day by heading out to the city (from Sydney suburbs) to eat and do some last minute souvenir shopping.

150919a Chinatown Sydney _01

So we headed to Chinatown.

I think there is a Chinatown in almost every major city in the world (Chinese people are everywhere!) and each one is a little different from the next. I think that’s why my Mom always wants to go to Chinatown whenever she travels.

150907h Sydney Chinatown _17

The Sydney Chinatown is the biggest Chinatown in Australia. At the center of Chinatown is a pedestrian street (Dixon Street) lined with restaurants, shops, etc. And of course there is a lot more as you wander off onto the side streets and the other main streets that are part of the Sydney Chinatown (Sussex Street and George Street).

Day 14 in Australia was probably our 3rd time in Chinatown Sydney, I wrote about going to Home Thai Restaurant in Chinatown before.

Previously while in Chinatown we simply just walked around and didn’t really spend much time to really explore. We either had a destination in or around Chinatown.

We returned on our final day we had breakfast at Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet and then went shopping at Paddy’s Market.

Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet

86-88 Dixon Street
Chinatown, Sydney, NSW Australia

Day 14 and I still never got to eat at Hungry Jacks (and we didn’t see any in the Chinatown area). So after walking around we settled at Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet. The place was quite crowded and I wanted to eat Asian Breakfast foods if I can’t eat at Hungry Jacks.

150919b Mother Chus Taiwanese Gourmet _01

It’s a pretty fast moving restaurant, although full, we didn’t have to wait long to be seated. We skimmed the (rather big) menu and ordered a few of our usual Taiwanese breakfast favorites for everyone to share.

150919b Mother Chus Taiwanese Gourmet _06

3 bowls of soy milk for 5 people. I love that they serve them in bowls, makes it so much easier to dip the YuTiao (according to the menu). Though I don’t remember actually getting the YuTiao. The hot soy milk was yummy and tasted quite fresh.

Glutinous Rice Roll with Pork Floss x2. This is always a deceivingly filling thing to eat. We simply cut those in half to eat with our soy milk.

And another one of my favorites is the the scallion pancake. We had an egg on top. This is such a staple.

150919b Mother Chus Taiwanese Gourmet _07

This dish never looks pretty, but it’s so yummy. There were signs for this outside, and I just had have it. Oysters are fried with eggs and a green vegetable and then fried with some sort of jelly doughy sticky stuff and then topped with a brown sauce of some sort. That is my description of and it really does not sound good.

150919b Mother Chus Taiwanese Gourmet _08

But the jelly doughy sticky stuff is kind of my favorite part of the dish. I guess if you don’t like that kind of consistency, you will probably not like it. I think I like food with a weird texture sometimes.

150919b Mother Chus Taiwanese Gourmet _09

150907h Sydney Chinatown _01We kind of ordered something new to us as well. We go a meat pancake (pork) to try. This was ok. I would very much just prefer the regular scallion pancakes.

According to Zomato reviews, this is one of the few places in Chinatown that are opened early for breakfast. And there is just something so yummy about a traditional Taiwanese breakfast. Yuntiha made me so jealous when she was in Taiwan eating these things.

Paddy’s Market at Haymarket

Auntie pointed out that souvenirs at Victoria Market in Melbourne were a little more expensive (thank you Auntie for pointing that out) so we requested to come back to Paddy’s Market for souvenirs. I believe our first visit at Paddy’s Market was before dinner at Home Thai.

150909g Sydney Chinatown to Bonnyrigg _06We picked up some souvenir essentials: postcards (as if I didn’t already buy enough), key chains, t-shirts, and tote bags (practical gifts are always the best). Then I picked up some not so conventional souvenirs like cheap sunglasses, a couple onesies, accessories, and cute things.

Check out my Penguin Onesie. My sourvenir for myself because this reminds me of the  Penguin March on Philip Island (near Melbourne).

We were there pretty early, so some venders were barely opening when we were shopping. Which I think was a good thing for me. I might have gotten a lot more or just even more overwhelmed because there were quite a few vendors selling similar things.

After filling our stomachs with some yummy Taiwanese food and emptying our wallets at Paddy’s Market we headed back into the suburbs to Cabramatta.

150907h Sydney Chinatown _18



  1. The penguin suit looks cool. Did they have koala and kangaroo ones too?

    1. I think they do, I didn’t look.

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