June Wine Dinner with Wines from Ferrari Carano presented by Villa Capri Poway

I’m usually at Villa Capri Poway on the last Thursday of every month, but this month the schedule was changed a little bit. I was at Villa Capri on Wednesday 6/22 instead.

It’s become my monthly girls night out! Though it would be a perfect date night too.

3677-MMS-1467005112-attachment1-20160622_181014-2Villa Capri Poway monthly wine dinner features 5 courses paired with 5 wines (glasses not tasters!). Don’t worry it’s a 3 hour dinner making it perfect to catch up with friends, learn about wine, and eat lots of good food. Tonight I was catching up with Elena and CeCe and made new friends with a wonderful couple we shared our table with.

Let’s just say, we learned a lot about high school reunions (10 years or 60 years) as well as relationships.

Appetizer – Stuzzichini Dello Chef paired with Sauvignon Blanc

Chef Antonio & Chef Dario’s own creations of mini bites. These are always a bit of surprise on the menu. This month we had bruschetta with smoked salmon on top, bruschetta with fresh diced tomatoes, basil, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil, sausages,  little caprese salad things on a stick, etc.

I usually eat a light lunch on days when I know I’m going to Villa Capri Poway for a wine dinner so when the appetizer comes out, I eat before I even ask what we’re eating and forget to take notes.

At least I was good enough to take a nice picture before eating.

Salad – Funghi Ripieni con Granchio paired with Chardonnay


Dungeness crabmeat stuffed mushrooms served over a bed of sun-dried tomatoes in a sherry cream sauce with fresh frisee.

Note that all of my sun-dried tomatoes were hiding under my big mushroom and by the time I was eating I didn’t want to stop eating. When I first realized that I didn’t see tomatoes in my salad, Chef Antonio was the first one to notice me looking around and came to check on us. I simply just shared sun-dried tomatoes with my friend CeCe.

Since the Dungeness crabmeat stuffed mushrooms don’t look as impressive as they taste, I’m sharing Elenas selfie with her mushroom. I guess that shows how big the mushroom was all stuffed with Dungeness crabmeat! I would describe it as crab cake inside of a big mushroom.

The Chardonnay paired with our Dungeness crabmeat stuffed mushrooms had a great oak flavor. When I first started drinking wine, Chardonnays were my go to.

Carb Course – Pappardelle al Ragu di Cinghiale paired with Siena Sangiovese Blend

3685-MMS-1467005178-attachment1-20160622_185512-2So, by now I guess I know the pattern. Appetizer,salad, and now some carbs.

Homemade pappardelle pasta served with wild boar meat sauce sprinkled with dry ricotta.

The homemade pasta at Villa Capri Poway has always been cooked perfectly al dente. Boars meat sounds so exotic and could taste exotic.

The gamey meat is actually really well balanced with the herbs and ricotta sprinkled on top. As I was impressed by that, CeCe reminded me that that is how we know the meat is amazingly fresh.

The Siena wine was a favorite for everyone at our table. Everyone concluded that it is well balanced and a smooth finish.

This is actually a the very first wine created by Rebecca at Ferrari Carano; and this is kind of her first baby.  Fun Fact: Did you know that Ferrari Carano is an all woman winery?

By now, I’m so thankful for 2 things: the short wait for course number 4 because I needed a little bit of time before eating the meat course and that it’s summer and the sun stays out much longer. I couldn’t get a picture of our food and make it look yummy with the dim (romantic) lighting inside. Elena suggested that we go outside, and look how yummy the food looks compared to the pictures above. I might have to keep going outside.

Meat – Brasato di Manzo con Palenta e Caprino paired with Tresor Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

3681-MMS-1467005167-attachment1-20160622_193616-2Kobe beef short ribs braised in red wine and root vegetables served with goat cheese polenta and sautéed purple kale.

This dish by its self is a meal! But we’ve already had 3 previous courses. That’s why I had to make sure I have a very light lunch.

By the way, I somehow managed to finish everything on my plate (and every plate so far).

The Tresor Cabernet Sauvignon Blend is kind of a “spicy.”

I noticed that I judge a bottle by its label when I’m shopping for wine but since the wine is poured for us we rarely get to see the label. I couldn’t help but to notice that this one is quite pretty. The painting on the label is a painting of Laguna Beach and according to Mike you can see the original painting at Ferrari Carano winery.

Dessert – Sorpresa dello Chef paired with Eldorado Noir Muscat


And dessert with dessert wine; Chocolate mouse cake in caramel sauce. I managed to eat a fourth of my slice of cake and had to give up. I was so full, but I couldn’t resist trying the cake with the wine.

I rarely voluntarily drink dessert wines. the Eldorado Noir Muscat was actually not as thick and syrupy as many of the other dessert wines I’ve had before. Plus, dessert wine usually goes well with dessert right?


Chef Dario, Me, Chef Antonio, CeCe, and Mike from Ferrari-Carano (and Elena taking the picture). I always leave learning a little more about wine although I think I have a long way to go, I guess I just need to look forward to my next wine lesson next month. Oh, and all pictures were taken with Elena’s cell phone because we both forgot to bring our real cameras. I guess we’ll just have to wait for next month. 

Villa Capri Poway
14771 Pomerado Rd
Poway, CA 92064


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