Grand Central Market LA: Eggslut, Berlin Currywurst, The Oyster Gourmet, Clark Street Bread, etc.

Grand Central Market LA: Eggslut, Berlin Currywurst, The Oyster Gourmet, Clark Street Bread, etc.

160611d Grand Central Market _01I went to Grand Central Market mainly for Eggslut because breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day and I like eggs! There is definitely a hype about this place. But after going to Grand Central Market for Breakfast, we returned the following week for lunch and to “sample” more food.

The Grand Central Market address shows that it’s located on S. Broadway, but I found the “pretty” entrance with the big Grand Central Market sign is actually on S. Hill Street. Or did I miss the big sign?

So I get to share what we ate after 2 visits to Grand Central  Market 2 weeks in a row.

Grand Central Market is like the Anaheim Packing District in Anaheim and the Liberty Public Market in San Diego. Some may call it a hipster food court?


Grand Central Market
317 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

160611b Grand Market Eggslut _14

I actually didn’t know that Eggslut was located inside of Grand Central Market so I was bit surprised to see the Eggslut counter facing S. Broadway. The counter was packed and I was a little confused as to where to go.

160611b Grand Market Eggslut _06

I saw a long line that circled all the way around the Eggslut counter and decided to get in line before even looking around. BH offered to stand in line to let me walk around, but I decided I wanted to be in line and let him walk around. He said that most things are not opened yet, but he did shop around for some coffee and ended up getting coffee from G & B Coffee on the other side of Grand Central Market. The coffee made the wait in line much more bearable. I don’t remember how long we waited, but it didn’t seem too bad.

160611b Grand Market Eggslut _01

The length of the line varies, so I guess it comes down to luck. I was told that on some of their busiest days,  the line wraps all the way around and goes outside onto S. Broadway. The picture above shows the line from the back of Eggslut and it was already shorter then when I first jumped into the line by about 7-10 people. I’m already around the corner just outside of the frame on the left.

160611b Grand Market Eggslut _08

And as you approach the front of the line, you’ll finally step into the bright street side of Grand Central Market and get a view of the action in the open kitchen. From the counter side, we see the cottled eggs being prepared and the eggs being fried. That girl with her hat on backwards was frying eggs non-stop! and each one looked perfect. I guess practice makes perfect?

160611b Grand Market Eggslut _09

On the other side of the counter where we waited and picked up our food, we see the guys making almost everything else; the bacon, the burgers, the sausages, etc.

So when it comes to breakfast, BH and I kind of have our own preferences. I almost alway get something with lots of eggs; usually an Eggs Benedict. And BH likes a rather traditional breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns, a pancake and maybe a steak or chicken. So it sounds like a little bit of everything.

Of course Eggslut is not your traditional Denny’s or IHop, with only a few breakfast options we each went with the closest thing our usual breakfast picks.

160611b Grand Market Eggslut _13

Slut: a coddled egg on top of smooth potato puree, cooked in glass jar topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette.

I knew this was what I was going to order. I first read about this place when one of my favorite San Diego food bloggers posted about her coddled eggs with mashed potatoes inspired by eggslut. I was drooling reading her post.

I was so excited and hungry that I didn’t even bother to take a picture of my “slut” after breaking into the yolk. The creamy potato puree, egg white, and egg yolk mixed together made a perfect creamy dipping thing for the bread. Flavor wise, I wanted more.

But quite honestly, I wasn’t satisfied. For $9, I wanted something a little more satisfying and filling (though this was a lot of carbs).

160611b Grand Market Eggslut _15

Sausage, Egg & Cheese: house-made turkey sausage, over medium egg, cheddar cheese and honey mustard aioli in a warm brioche bun.

BH ordered the sausage instead of bacon because I actually don’t really like bacon. Though I guess it doesn’t matter since I only had a bite. It was not bad, but I was once again not quite satisfied and it was forgettable. And reminded me of the Crack Shack in San Diego; another over priced egg themed place. I know the ingredients are locally sourced etc. but I’m not sure how happy I am to wait in such a long line and pay a premium price for it.

Since neither of us were quite satisfied, we walked over to another counter/booth for more food.

Berlin Currywurst

160611c Grand Market Berlin Currywurst _01160611c Grand Market Berlin Currywurst _02

BH was excited to see this place, so there were no questions as to where we would eat after Eggslut.

Located just to the left of Eggslut (when you’re standing on S. Broadway looking at Eggslut), we were kind of watching them open as we were eating our eggs. It’s a small booth with 4 bar seats. And after ordering our food, we took a seat at the bar.

Though, there are plenty of table throughout Grand Central Market making it great to visit with a group of friends who each want to eat different things or even better each can get different things to sample.

160611c Grand Market Berlin Currywurst _09

160611c Grand Market Berlin Currywurst _08160611c Grand Market Berlin Currywurst _06

BH as been to Germany and was excited to have currywurst. As for me, I’ve only had currywurst in Portland, and I guess that’s all  I have to compare this to.

We ordered the “Lunch”.

Step 1: You start by choosing your sausage; there are 8 different choices.

Brat (pork)

Step 2: Choose your style. Currywurst or in a bun.

Curry Wurst, Original Sauce, Level 1 Heat. 

The currywust is served on a little togo tray with a big piece of bread. This currywurst (compared to what I remember in Portland) was served with a dark curry/ketchup sauce. The sauce definitely did’t taste anything even reminiscent of ketchup. And because I prefer to not eat spicy food, BH made sure not to order much heat (though I’m sure he would have preferred it to be much spicier).

And to excitement, BH let me order the pretzel! He isn’t a fan of that and has actually said no to pretzels multiple times when I want pretzels. I think our server was taken aback at how excited I was to get to eat a pretzel.

This pretzel was not as soft as I would have liked it, but it was perfectly salted/flavored for me and their homemade sweet mustard were amazing, though I mixed it with regular mustard for more mustard.

Clark Street Bread

160611b Grand Market Eggslut _02

You can’t miss this cute little cart sitting right next to Eggslut with all of their bread out in the open on display. BH and I skipped out on our first visit, but it was one of our first stops when we returned the next week.

I didn’t know what to get BH’s Dad for fathers day. I didn’t want to get anything that he may not like or won’t use so food is usually the best option. We we got there this time, most of the bread was already sold out.

160611b Grand Market Eggslut _03

There were a few baguettes, one mini baguette, one croissant, one chocolate croissant, one miche.  I think that was it. They are open until 3:30pm daily OR until sold out! And it looks like they’re not going to be opened until 3:30pm.

Without hesitation, BH knew exactly what his Dad would like. We got a baguette, and a croissant. And I got a chocolate croissant for later. It was a hit Dad (and Mom) enjoyed the bread!

The Horse Thief BBQ

160618c Grand Central Market The Horse Thief BBQ _01

During our second trip to Grand Central Market, we walked from The Broad museum on a hot summer day. It was only 0.5 miles away and a 10 minute walk but with the heat we couldn’t wait to sit down with a cold drink.

We ordered our food and then sat down at the bar and ordered our a beer for each of us.

160618c Grand Central Market The Horse Thief BBQ _04160618c Grand Central Market The Horse Thief BBQ _05 _BH

160618bb Grand Central Market _02 _BHThe Horse Thief BBQ is connected to Grand Central Market, but is actually located outside and has its own outdoor seating area that is separate from Grand Central Market. But I’m not sure if it’s still considered to be part of Grand Central Market.

And for some reason, neither of us bothered to take pictures of the food. That’s very much not like me. I guess were were just that hungry.

Press Brothers Juicery

Then we headed inside where I picked up a juice at Press Brothers Juicery. I guess I needed to make sure I had my greens (in the form of juice).

I got the “Balance” which has: apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, kale, lemon, and parsley.

$7 for a 12oz bottle and $9 for a 16oz bottle is a little steep. But at least the bottle was refreshing and worked out nicely for us as we continued to explore LA.

The Oyster Gourmet Hill Street Platform

160618d Grand Central Market Oyster Gourmet _01

We still had time to kill and I didn’t mind trying out one more thing. The Oyster Gourmet Hill Street Platform is a unique free standing hut with bar seats surrounding it. I really wanted to just sit at this bar.

Though I really like oysters, which makes it even better. We finally found a seat after waiting a little bit and had a seat. I felt a little awkward after sitting down, although they were very friendly I was immediately given a mimosa menu and no word of any oysters. I felt a little awkward telling them that all I wanted were oysters.

160618d Grand Central Market Oyster Gourmet _03 _BH

I just wanted to order 2 of each kind of oyster (one for me and one for BH) and I knew that I did not want to eat any Baja oysters. Which meant that we would only be getting 4 oysters. And as you may notice in the picture above, there are only 3 oysters.

They don’t sell oysters individually, they are only sold in increments of 3! So after some discussion, we ended up ordering 1 of each including the Baja oyster I did not want. They oysters were all quite fresh and each had their own unique flavors.

But I was impressed by the service and the experience. I’d probably come back to Grand Central Market to try more things, but not for the oysters.

Of all of the things we tried at Grand Central Market, my favorite was the bread.


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