The Last Bookstore – Downtown LA

The Last Bookstore – Downtown LA

453 S Spring St – Ground Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013

The Last Bookstore located in Downtown LA is California’s largest used and new book and record store. Although compared to Powell’s Books in Portland, this is not quite as big.

This bookstore, like Powell’s Books in Portland it’s a tourist destination.


When you enter the bookstore, people have to check in shopping bags and large bags. And honestly the outside of the The Last Bookstore doesn’t look like much. I noticed that there were quite a few empty store fronts.

But once inside, you are welcomed by rows of books each organized by type of book. Most of these books looked like new books. I didn’t spend too much time going through these sections, though I did notice a number of people walking in with cameras.

160618e The Last Bookstore _02

160618e The Last Bookstore _07That would be because it really is a beautiful and unique bookstore. We headed upstairs where we found quite a few small art studios/boutique stores and several book themed art installations.

The book arch is one that I’ve seen in several blogs and even engagement photos. When we go there, it did not take much time to find someone to take a picture for us since there were quite a few people taking pictures too.

But it did take a while to get a photo taken without anyone walking through in the background. The lighting in our picture didn’t come out, so I had to filter the picture a little bit. The actual walkway not filtered, is pictured on the right with a little girl running through and her father taking a picture at the end.

160618e The Last Bookstore _05

There were so many other little unique art installations with books stacked up creating a wall of books or books carefully displayed on a bookshelf according to their color to create a rainbow book wall.

My favorite was a room for mystery books. We walked in through and open gate into a small room with a wall of radios and electronic things featured on the walls. BH couldn’t help but to pick up a book in here.

160618e The Last Bookstore _09 _BHKakaoTalk_Photo_2016-07-01-12-13-50

After exploring the fun art installations and admiring the bookstore, it was time to actually do some shopping in the bookstore. I caught BH trying to sneak a picture of me while shopping.

I ended up picking out a used book Liaison by Joyce Wadler. I’ve already made it though the first few chapters, and boy do I miss holding a real book in my hands and actually getting to turn real pages.



  1. Just how huge is that book store? It looks amazing in the pictures

    1. According to their website, the bookstore is about 22,000 sq ft (about 2000 sq m).

      1. That is really big. The biggest I have visited so far is in Helsinki but I can’t find any info on how big it is, just that they have roughly 450.000 books in stock.

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