The Broad Museum Downtown Los Angeles

The Broad Museum

160618f The Broad _01

The Broad is a new museum in Los Angeles and there has been quite a hype. After seeing pictures from my friends, I wanted to go!

It’s located near the Walt Disney Concert Hall and  MOCA –  Grande which we visited just a week before our visit to The Broad.

160618b The Broad _02

Visiting The Broad is free. But with the current hype the wait to get inside could be up to 3 hours (in the standby line). The other way to do it, would be to reserve advance tickets. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to know when they will open up the next available dates. It’s quite limited.

I actually didn’t have a very good experience with getting tickets. (warning: my little rant)

I emailed The Broad in April asking about reserving tickets for June. I got a generic email telling to subscribe to their newsletter and I did that. I checked the website in May (May 9) to find that all of June advanced tickets were sold out (hmmm, is it called sold out? I don’t remember). I was supposed to receive a newsletter but it never made it into my inbox. And so I sent another email asking about why I never received any notifications. By May 28th I still hadn’t heard from The Broad so I sent another email. They got back to me immediately and unfortunately because the date I wanted was fully booked already I was able to get tickets for the following week. So BH and I made our way back to Los Angeles 2 weeks in a row.

update: I found the newsletter emails in my spam box. The email told me that “Advanced tickets for the month of June are available beginning this Sunday, May 1 at noon.”


Anyways, at least we got our advanced tickets and didn’t have to wait up to 3 hours outside. So apparently we could have paid $12/person to see the new special Cindy Sherman exhibit and that would have been a 30-45 minute wait.

With the advanced tickets we waited for 15 minutes, because we were not allowed in until our actual scheduled time on our advanced ticket.


We went directly to the little iPad kiosk to book a spot for the Infinity Mirrored Room. I entered in my name (first name) and cell phone number then received a text message immediately.

458 minute wait = 7 hour and 58 minutes!?!? I received a text message almost immediately and included a link for me to watch the countdown. I kept that opened for the rest of the day.

160618b The Broad _03

We headed up to the 3rd floor directly through an escalator. It’s quite a view as we ascended seeing the beautiful architecture of The Broad Museum.

The Broad Museum is a contemporary museum but is quite different from MOCO. The Broad collection has a very unique style and show cases postwar and contemporary art worldwide.

160618f The Broad _36 _BH

Once on the 3rd floor, we saw the first of many of Jeff Koons sculptures on display at The Broad. These shiny rainbow “Tulips” look like those pencil balloons we would get twisted into animal shapes etc.

160618b The Broad _12160618b The Broad _13

And just beyond the “Tulips” is an impressive 82 foot painting called “In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow” by  Takashi Murakami. From a far, the rainbow painting looks happy and exciting but from its title it may not be so happy. This painting actually reflects the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan.

160618b The Broad _19160618b The Broad _21

160618b The Broad _87 _BHBH was quite excited to see this painting of Norms and then he was quite intrigued and actually a bit disturbed by “African’t”.

We wandered through a few rooms, reading up on anything that interested us. Since I prefer to hide behind the camera, BH was kind of my model.

Ok, he did catch a few shots of me too. But I think he was getting a bit frustrated with me cause I would kind of hide when I knew he was pointing the camera at me.

We took so many pictures of the actually art work, but I found that some are meant to be appreciated while on display.

160618b The Broad _33

160618b The Broad _91 _BH160618b The Broad _39

And then we wandered into one of our favorite displays. “Under the Table” by  Robert Therrien is a 1994 piece. This big table and chairs brings us back to our childhood (or at least my childhood) of playing under the dining table.

An the stack of giant plates are also by Robert Therrien.

160618b The Broad _50

The next room displays a few more of Jeff Koon’s sculptures. The 2 in the picture above are relatively obvious. Both are big sculptures of inflatable things.

“Rabbit” actually looks like a big inflatable toy, and it was really tempting for me to touch it. It’s actually a stainless steel sculpture! I wish I took a picture of the back,  because it actually has the little mouth piece thing that you would blow into to inflate an inflatable toy.

160618b The Broad _55

The blue balloon dog is a lot bigger then I imagined. And like the “Tulips” it’s quite shiny. Do you see me in the reflection?

I had seen mini versions of the balloon dog sculpture at MOCA for sale in pink and yellow.

160618b The Broad _52

Here is another Jeff Koon piece “Jim Beam – J.B. Turner Train” 1986.

160618b The Broad _62160618b The Broad _64

And then we came across some fun pop art pieces by Roy Lichtenstein

Above is “Mirror #1” 1969, it’s a mirror but too bad there is no way we’ll see our reflections.

On the right are “Goldfish Bowl” 1977and “Live Ammo (Blang)” 1962.

By now, we’d circled all the way through the 3rd floor of the museum arrived back in the main area where the “Tulips” were located. But now that we’d seen the “Tulips” we were not distracted by them and saw a few other pieces.

160618b The Broad _66

“Hustle’n’Punch By Kaikai And Kiki” 2009 by Takashi Murakami is such a cute and fun looking piece.
And as you can see by some of the years that accompany they artwork, they are all relatively new art. And in a way, I found it quite relatable.

160618b The Broad _73

160618b The Broad _78I was ready for a late lunch! We still had a lot of time to kill before we were allowed to go into the Infinity Mirror Room.

So we made our way out of the museum. You are allowed to re-enter the museum as long as you have your original tickets.

The way down is definitely not as spectacular as the escalator up, but on the way down you will get a sneak peak of the 2nd floor. The Broad administrative office which was empty since we were there on a weekend day and there are couple windows that look down into where all of the art work is stored.

I’m sure there are so many more pieces that are not displayed!

TheBroad Mirror Infinity Room Wait

We walked to Grand Central Market for lunch and The Last Bookstore which is located just a few blocks away.

As the day went by, I kept track of our place in “line” We started at at least 160-something; I forgot to take a screenshot. As the day went by, I was getting more impatient and kept checking and tracking. And as you can see in the final screenshot it was finally our turn!


Actually we also received a text message telling us to go check-in. Yes, it was just after 4pm! We waited for about 4 hours, I think that’s less then the original 458 minute wait.

160618f The Broad _42 _BH

160618f The Broad _41 _BHWe immediately proceeded to another line before entering the Infinity Mirror Room. I was getting super excited. It better be worth this wait and hype. There is a girl that stands at the door and she is literally holding a stop watch because everyone is only allowed inside for 45 SECONDS!

For the 2 of us, we could each have 45 seconds if we go in separately or if we go in together we get 45 seconds.

We decided to go in together, in a odd way we both felt so rushed! We wanted to get a good picture and get a few moments to really experience the room. In the end, we snapped a few shots and then just admired all of the lights.

The pictures were not my favorite and I’m sure that if you search you’ll find some amazing pictures. The experience was fun though!

I bought a postcard though! Hahatemp_1468212792306.674081215


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