Monthly Archives: November 2016

Maxwell Food Center and Chicken Rice. Tian Tian OR Ah Tai?

I was rather picky about giving my family a first impression of Chicken Rice in Singapore since I’ve always understood that the very first bite of  something can become the base to any other comparisons. So after tasting 2 different Chicken Rice places at Lau Pa Sat for lunch, we headed to Maxwell Food Center […]

Lao Pa Sat and Chicken Rice

The one thing that got me most excited about traveling to Singapore was getting to try all of the different foods the country had to offer. All I ever hear from Sarah is how amazing the food was in Singapore and boy was I ready to have a try of the Singaporean food myself. Lao […]

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore

After deciding on where we would be staying in Singapore, I did a quick google search of the exact location of our accommodation. And just downstairs from our Airbnb studio apartment is a Ya Kun Family Cafe at The Central. And after checking-in and putting our luggage down, I dragged my family downstairs for their […]

Chinatown Singapore and Food Street

Thank you Yunti for pushing me to blog about our family trip to Singapore and Hong Kong! Now, with Yunti by my side let’s consistently share our posts! Maybe I’ll finish sharing in record time! I really struggled planning this trip because my memory of Singapore is no longer the same as it was in […]

Singapore River Cruise and Clarke Quay

Hi guys! This is Yunti, I haven’t been actively writing since my Taiwan trip early last year. Sarah and I recently came back from Singapore and Hong Kong with our parents, and we will be sharing posts about this trip! Hope everyone will look forward to the upcoming posts. This was my first time in Singapore […]

Food and Wine Pairings at Villa Capri Poway..Girls night out or group dinner

I have not updated my blog with food and travel in a while, looking back I see how far behind I am! As I’m writing right now, it’s halloween and I just spent an evening out people watching and counting how many people are dressed up at Harley Quinn (and sonic) this year. But of […]