Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore

After deciding on where we would be staying in Singapore, I did a quick google search of the exact location of our accommodation. And just downstairs from our Airbnb studio apartment is a Ya Kun Family Cafe at The Central.

And after checking-in and putting our luggage down, I dragged my family downstairs for their very first meal in Singapore.

160906b Ya Kun Kaya Toast _01

And I had to remember how to order food in Singapore again. I ordered a few things for everyone to share for a quick intro to what I have been most exited to eat in Singapore.

160906b Ya Kun Kaya Toast _03

The kaya toast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a single slice of toast sliced thinly sandwiching a rather large chunk of butter and kaya butter (or I have always called it a kaya jam). It was ice seeing the breast being toasted on a grill thing of some sort instead of a toaster or toaster oven as we may imagine.

And the best way I know to enjoy kaya toast is with a couple soft boiled eggs. I have not figured out the timing consistently at home to make these eggs perfectly.

160906b Ya Kun Kaya Toast _04

But before dipping the kaya toast in the eggs, don’t forget to add the soya sauce (and possibly a little bit of pepper), break the eggs and mix.

The soya sauce is something that I have not managed to get at home. The sauce has a unique flavor compared to any other soy sauce that we would usually pour over rice or food. I’m sure they have their own recipe…And I’m sure it also depends on the type of soy sauce produced in Singapore and in the region.

160909j Ya Kun Kaya _02

We were pretty much going to Ya Kun Kaya Toast (Family Mart) at The Central every day. During our 1 week in Singapore, I started to notice familiar faces at Ya Kun. I wonder if they recognized us?

It ended up being our go to place for our morning Kopi (coffee) and/or our afternoon Kopi as well.

160908a Ya Kun Takeaway to Apartment _05160908a Ya Kun Takeaway to Apartment _01

And it ended up being quite convenient for us to take our Kopi and food back to our studio apartment upstairs. My family was even more amused by the drink carrier that we got for our Kopi.

160908a Ya Kun Takeaway to Apartment _03

And for food, we didn’t order Kaya Toast with a couple soft boiled eggs. We ordered a Nasi Lemak instead. This was actually recommended to us, and I though it would be another good intro for my family.

160913a Ya Kun Kaya _05

We have had Nasi Lemak in Sydney at Papa Rich Malaysian Delights but there are a few differences from the Malaysian National dish from Malaysia and Nasi Lemak in Singapore.

The biggest difference being the egg. In Singapore you are usually served a fried egg rather than a hard boiled egg.

Singapore and Malaysia are not very far from each other, and with so much of their culture mixed in many Singaporean dishes are from Malaysia (and from the Chinese diaspora in Malaysia). And I find it very interesting that there are quite a few unique flavors etc. that make Singaporean food “Singaporean”.

160913a Ya Kun Kaya _01

But the traditional flavors are still there. It is still often served on top of a pandan leaf, the rice rice is a delicious fragrant coconut rice. And my Mom really enjoyed the coconut flavored rice!

Not all Ya Kun Kaya Toast locations serve Nasi Lemak. Only the Ya Kun Family Mart has more food items likes this.

160913a Ya Kun Kaya _08

And after a week in Singapore, I learned that my family actually did not like their Kaya Toast toasted.

So we went with the Kaya Butter Steamed Bread. I personally think it’s a little too much bread for me but my family definitely preferred the freshly steamed option. And I also noticed that quite a few places serve Kaya Toast in a thicker piece of bread different from the bread at Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Do you have a preference for the type of bread you like with your Kaya Toast?

160913a Ya Kun Kaya _06

And one very popular dish in Singapore is Laksa, and believe it or now we did not eat Laksa anywhere else.

I found that my spice tolerance has gone back down to zero in the last couple of years and Laksa ended up being a little intimidating for me. So on our last day in Singapore, Yunti insisted that she at least try some Laksa in Singapore. I guess I really need to build my spice tolerance back up! Cause I really missed some real Laksa, too bad my tougue was not very happy with me after a few bites.

160909j Ya Kun Kaya _01

And because I really missed my kaya, I took several jars home with me as a souvenir and for me to eat at home.

Ya Kun had always been my go to place. And it’s kind of comforting to know that they have quite a few locations throughout Asia. I was quite excited to Kaya Toast when I was in South Korea, though that wasn’t Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Where do you go for Kaya Toast?


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