Southernmost Point of Continental Asia Palawan Beach Sentosa

We walked from the Sentosa Merlion to Palawan Beach to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. I remembered (sort of) going here in during my very first visit to Singapore in 2006 and thought that it would be a nice quick stop to actually cross the swinging suspension bridge.

It’s a free thing to do in Sentosa (rare)!

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _06

Palawan Beach is one of 3 beaches in Sentosa (Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong beaches).  And Palawan Beach in particular is very family friendly. The water is so calm, which is such a big difference from the many (surf friendly) beaches in Southern California.

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _85

There is even a Palawan Kidz City thing nearby too. It’s kind of interesting to see an airplane sticking out of the building. I guess it would be cool to sit the the cockpit of that airplane?

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _03

You can see this little island from the distance as you approach the beach. We simple walked along the beach making our way to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _07

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _08And this is the entrance to the bridge. It actually looks a little scary as we had to finally put our feet in the sand (we were walking on the pathways all the way up to this point) and walk into the bushes.

But once you’re in the bushes, you will actually walk right into an opening and see an amazing tree thing anchoring one side of the bridge. At first glance it reminded me of the big red wood trees in Northern California where people can actually drive through (I think that tree collapsed recently….sad sad).

The bridge is narrow and barely gives enough room for two-way traffic. And that was when I remembered why I never made it across the bridge many years ago. I don’t like bridges! And this hanging bridge swings and sways quite a bit!

We waited for the bridge to quiet down a little bit from other people crossing and took our time to take a few pictures.

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _09

One of my favorite pictures here. Yunti is taking a picture of the bridge just before crossing.  Can you see how narrow this bridge is?

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _12

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _15The beginning is still hanging over land, surrounded by the bushes. Ok, I’m sure they’re not exactly bushes but that’s what I am going to call it here. I do just enjoy the fact that it is so green in Singapore. It is called a “garden city”.

I was much more comfortable on the bridge when I was able to cling onto both sides of the bridge like how my mom clinging onto the bridge in the picture on the left. And look at how the bridge is swinging. It definitely swings much more when there are more people, especially the brave (adventurous) people who are running and purposely making the brings swing more.

I held on very tight to the ropes on the bridge and ended up not taking very many pictures while crossing this bridge. I am pretty proud of the fact that I’ve been conquering one bridge after another over the past few years. I’m sure this doesn’t seem like much compared the the Sydney Bridge Climb, but this one is quite different compared to that.

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _19

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _82

In retrospect, this hanging bridge really shouldn’t even be very scary. It only hangs above the water by a few feet! 

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _54

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _26And once you’re across the bridge to the (man made?) island, you are greeted by this sign telling us we have made it to “The Southernmost Point of Continental Asia”.

Do you think this is the ACTUAL Southernmost Point of Continental Asia considering Singapore is an Island, and Sentosa is an island, and this is another island?

I was pretty confused when I first heard that this is the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia considering the number of islands we had been standing on before arriving to this point. I’m sure the actual place would be somewhere in Malaysia if it has to be on the continent of Asia.

But I think the idea is that this is as for south as you can get without having to hop onto an airplane or a boat. The bridges that connect Malaysia to Singapore to Sentosa and then to this point here keeps our feet on the ground.

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _29
And looking into the horizon from this point we’re looking on into the equator somewhere ahead. Now that I think about it, this is our second time standing at some “southernmost point.” We were at the southernmost (is it one word or 2 words?) in the USA a few years ago in Hawaii – Kalae South Point. But the view is very different. This one doesn’t look nearly as mysterious. Unless you consider these cargo ships as mysterious.

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _51

The ships in the distance contribute to the Port of Singapore. This port is one of the worlds busiest ports measured by the amount of containers coming through the port. One interesting thing I find with these huge ports full of these container boxes is that the top 3 biggest in the world are located in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai).

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _49

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _40There are 2 three-story lookout towers. And from these towers you can get a 360 degree view. We went up one tower and back down the other.

There were quite a few people that actually brought snacks and just hung out from the top of the 2 towers. I’m sure these towers need a little more upkeep though, because I noticed a few of the boards on the stairs were getting loose. That actually made me a little nervous.

But the view from the top was worth the (nerve wracking-ish) three-story hike up. Looking down to the beach on the Sentosa (northern side) of the little island you can see the beautiful lush greenery in the distance along with the calm blue green gradient of the water below.

It really made me think that this is more like a resort kind of place then a destination place to see unique places in the world. The man made / reclaimed land we were standing on created an amazing calm beach below safe for families to play.

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _42

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _38

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _50The other view of the open ocean was underwhelming, but I knew it was more because I had the image of a vast open ocean as if we are standing on an exotic island somewhere.

So there was little moment when I looked down to see pretty palm trees swaying to the wind below along a rocky beach. There was one in particular that was pretty cool. There was one hanging off the coast like a plank or something.

When we got back to the bottom of the tower, there was a guy actually on the tree. I wonder if he made it all the way to the end of it or if he turned around. There is something hanging off of it, so do people actually hang off of that?

We really didn’t spend too much time there, but it was a fun little stop in Sentosa. In general Sentosa is a very interesting place and this island; like much of Sentosa really gives you a perspective of what Sentosa is all about. 160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _65

Just from the small city-state of Singapore, I’ve been hearing account after account of it having the worlds biggest something or the worlds most something etc. And even here claiming the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.  These are just a few of the many things that have placed Singapore on the map and gained its recognition to the world.

For someone from San Diego, CA we are located at the Southwestern Point of the Continental U.S.

As we made our way off the man made / reclaimed island via the hanging bridge again. Look at my dad just walking on that bridge without much of a concern of the swinging.

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _66

Do you think this is worth visiting? Is it really the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia? Do live in a place that claims like this?



  1. reuseitgaming · · Reply

    ive heard the beaches in singapore are pretty horrible, but this looks like its worth a visit 🙂

    1. Considering all of the ships at the port, I was pretty impressed to see some nice quiet and clean beaches! I wouldn’t rate them to be the best in the world but it’s worth checking out.

  2. VincentSamsonDos · · Reply

    Horrible seems to be a harsh word.. considering its a beach.. man made or natural.. just saying. Go Philippines. #siargao.

  3. Simson · · Reply

    I been there once. I call it NATURARTIFICAL. Singapore, (Sentosa) is what Singapore is pretending to be “very natural” but is really “Extremely Artificial”. It such a fake Country.
    Can’t tell what is real in Singapore. So sad.

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