The Central Clarke Quay – our Airbnb

160911g Singapore Sunset Clarke Quay The Central _02

Choosing where to stay when on vacation is always one of the most stressful things for me. We opted to use Airbnb during our stay in Singapore, and our choice turned out to be a rather nice place for us to stay. Check out that sunrise view!

160913b Clarke Quay The Central _10160913b Clarke Quay The Central _03

Our studio apartment was conveniently located above the Clarke Quay MRT/Clarke Quay Central Mall! And it featured a view of the Singapore flyer as well as a partial view of the Marina Bay Sands. We also had access to several hot tubs and a long pool, which we didn’t use.

160912a Clarke Quay The Central _11

The Clarke Quay station was only a quick ride down a few levels from our studio apartment and this became one of the best convenience for us. When choosing where to stay, Sarah’s main concern was that it had to be near a MRT station. So of course when the description of the studio apartment stated “It’s upstair of clark quey MRT station,” this one quickly became a top choice.

Of course I had no clue if Clarke Quay area was convenient. But upon a quick research we discovered that this particular MRT stop is a connecting stop for the blue and purple line. And it is just one stop from the Dhoby Ghuat station which is one of the larger stations, connecting the purple, red, and yellow lines. Getting around Singapore via MRT was super convenient for us!

160912a Clarke Quay The Central _09Another great convenience about our Airbnb is the location above the mall! Because malls have soooooo much food to ofter. Unfortunately, there was no Food Republic at this particular mall, but we still had a wide selection to choose from. Of course, we got our daily dose of Ya Kun, which was conveniently located on the first floor of the mall. There were also other larger restaurants located throughout the mall. And the the whole basement level was a food court. This became an easy location for us to pick up food when we were on a time crunch and didn’t want to hop on the MRT or walk outside.

On our first day of exploring Clarke Quay, we spotted restaurants such as No Sign Board and Santouka. Both of which we wanted to eat at. We ended up going to the No Sign Board at Vivo City. But towards the end of our stay in Singapore, we were still craving some Ramen from Santouka.160911h Santoka Singapore _02

160911h Santoka Singapore _05

Santouka is actually not foreign to us. As a matter of fact, we have one located in San Diego. This is also one of our preferred ramen shops at home. It might seem weird that we wanted to go to a restaurant that we have at home. But we really wanted to see how it differed on the other side of the world. Santouka originates in Japan and is known for it’s shio (salt) ramen. We ordered their special Tokusen toroniku ramen (pictured on the left) and the Shio ramen combo (pictured above).

My biggest issue with ramen is that the soup can get a bit too salty for me. Yet the salt level in both of our ramens were just right! The meat was also something that I really enjoyed. The cheek meat from the Tokusen toroniku ramen, was soft and the meat literally melted in our mouth. It was totally worth it to eat here!

160912e Clarke Quay The Central Basement Food Centre _14160912e Clarke Quay The Central Basement Food Centre _01

On our last full day in Singapore, we made our way down to the basement level food court to grab a quick dinner. I wouldn’t say everything was amazingly delicious, but it offered good food to me. We got our usual order of chicken rice, which also came with a side of chicken broth (soup?). It wasn’t really up to par with our first impressions of chicken rice, but I must commend them on the portions. It was definitely much larger than the other ones we have tried.

160912e Clarke Quay The Central Basement Food Centre _23160912e Clarke Quay The Central Basement Food Centre _21

We also spotted on the menu, San Lor Hor Fun. Since we liked is so much from our visit at Food Republic, we decided to order it here. Unfortunately it didn’t have the “wok hei” dad is looking for, but it still tasted good to me.

Another dish that I have grown to like in Singapore was the bak chor mee. And when sent to go seek out more food, I chose bak chor mee. Different from the other ones we have tried, this one included a deep fried dumpling. There was a good balance of the vinegar mixture and the mushrooms were well flavored.

160912e Clarke Quay The Central Basement Food Centre _15160912e Clarke Quay The Central Basement Food Centre _12

Something a little different was the Ipoh Liew Fun. This was round egg noodle with a dark soy sauce, a fried turnip, and a bowl of soup with various fish balls and dumplings. As the name suggests, this is a popular Malaysian dish originating in the city of Ipoh.

This to me seem like the Ipoh version of bak chor mee. The egg noodles were different in texture, it felt a little more doughy. The sauce, it was thicker and darker, and had a more sweeter taste.

160912e Clarke Quay The Central Basement Food Centre _16

As it was our last night in Singapore, we also tried to venture to more different things. Instead of getting our usual order of lime juice, we decided to get some fruit and a soda. Specifically we got a slice of dragon fruit to try. I’ve never tried dragon fruit before and I didn’t really know what to expect.

160912e Clarke Quay The Central Basement Food Centre _07

According to my parents, the dragon fruit with the white interior tend to be more bland in taste. To get a bolder taste we would want to find the dragon fruit with a pink interior. BUT according to Sarah, the dragon fruit with the white interior is actually the tastier kind in Singapore. And sure enough, my parents were impressed that this dragon fruit was sweet and juicy despite having a white interior.

We also got some soda, served in the can! This is always interesting to me because the can are slightly thinner and taller compared to what I see here in the U.S. I’m not big on drinking soda, but I believe that the soda in Asia has a different formula compared to that of the U.S. Does anyone know if that is true?

The word “convenient” really is the best description I would give our Airbnb stay at Clarke Quay. There were plenty of food options that were walking distance. And the ease of access to the MRT station was also a win for us!

I realized that160913b Clarke Quay The Central _05 this post turned into more of a food post rather than about our stay at our Airbnb. We didn’t actually get good pictures of the interior of our studio apartment, and I must say, the pictures on the Airbnb posting does quite a good job depicting it. For more actual information about interior of this studio apartment check out their posting here and see what others thought about this place!

For us, its prime location allowed us to be able to explore the city at ease, and stay away from the heat when we wanted to look for a quick bite. We always easily found our way back to this door whenever we were tired and more importantly this was the place made us feel like we were in our own home during our travels to Singapore.

Does anyone else have any suggestions on where to stay in Singpore?



  1. i think american soda uses corn syrup whereas asia uses cane sugar as the sweetener 🙂

  2. I see! It is always interesting to see how the same product can be made differently in different countries!

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