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My Big Island Hawaii Itinerary

Hawaii Island is the youngest but the biggest island of the Hawaiian Archipelago, and is therefore know as the “Big Island.” With less than six days, we managed to drive all the way around it after arriving on the Kona side and leaving from the Hilo side. We barely managed to experienced a little bit […]

My Oahu Hawaii Itinerary

My 2014 trip was an 8 night 9 day 2 island Hawaii vacation (and to attend my cousins wedding on the Big Island). With just a little over a week in Hawaii, it was going to be a tight trip if we wanted to visit more than 1 island. But because this was going to […]

Hawaii Volcano Park – Part 1 – Nāhuku Thurston Lava Tube

Having been in Hawaii for almost two weeks, it’s inevitable to hear about volcanoes everywhere you go. From Diamond Head in Oahu to Mauna Kea on the Big Island just the previous day. We’ve learned quite a bit about volcanoes and seen several dormant volcanoes but Volcano Park is a little different; this is where […]

Akaka Falls Hawaii

Akaka Falls State Park

The Akaka Falls State Park is pretty much another big garden with two waterfalls. Akaka Falls really is the main thing to see in their 65.4 acre park. It is either $5/car or $1/person if you walked there. There is someone at the park entrance watching and making sure you pay.

Mauna Kea Summit Sunset

Mauna Kea Summit Tour: Sunset, Telescopes, Stars, and Parkas in Hawaii

Mauna Kea is an old dormant volcano that is about 4,205 m (13,796 ft) high above sea level, and that is the highest point in Hawaii. Anyone and any car can make their way to the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station but you can’t go beyond that point unless you have a four-wheel drive (if you’re counting, this is the third place on the island that has driving restrictions).

Waipi'o Valley Lookout

Waipi’o Valley Lookout

Big Island – Day 4 – Part 2 Someone told me it was the Grand Canyon of Hawaii and worth a look. Waipi’o Valley is about one mile across and over five miles deep, and surrounded by cliffs up to 2000 feet high. The valley is a beautiful lush green and is considered to be […]

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Tropical Botanical Garden, and Lunch at What’s Shakin

Big Island – Day 4 – Part 1 We started the day by heading back onto the Onomea Scenic Drive to go to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden and then grabbed lunch at What’s Shakin’ a food stand located at the north end of the Onomea Scenic Drive. We drove through the Onomea Scenic Drive the […]

Kalae South Point, The Southern Most Point in the USA, Cliff Diving Spot

Kalae South Point Hawaii: The Southern Most Point in the USA

South Point (Ka Lae in Hawaii) is the southernmost point of the Big Island and in the United States. The area is registered as a National Historic Landmark District under the name South Point Complex. It is known for its strong ocean currents and winds, and I guess that makes the area perfect for a wind farm.

Hawaii Road Trip: South Point, Panualu’u Bake Shop and Black Sand Beach, Onomea Scenic Drive

Big Island – Day 3 After attending my cousins wedding the previous night, we got up slowly and prepared for a long day. We checked out of our condo to head to the apartment we rented via VRBO.com on the Hilo side of the island in Honomu near Akaka Falls. It would be a 1.5 hour drive […]

Kahalu’u Beach Park Snorkeling and Sea Turtle

Big Island – Day 2 I guess we just didn’t have enough of the beach after spending the evening at Hapuna Beach. The next day, we drove down to Kahalu’u Beach Park after breakfast at Pine Tree Cafe. This was the beach we were originally trying to find the previous day, but we somehow missed […]