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Venice Beach For An Afternoon in the Sun (Los Angeles Weekend Trip – part 1)

Los Angeles Weekend Trip – part 1 I go on day trips from San Diego to Los Angeles or Orange County all the time. It’s usually less than 2 hours away and makes for a nice little getaway and often good food (Asian food). I recently drove up to Los Angeles with my boyfriend (BH) […]

Part 2: Anaheim Packing House – The Kroft, Georgia’s, Lemon Drop, Popbar, Hans’ Handmade Ice Cream

As mentioned in my previous post about the Anaheim Packing House, I just absolutely had to come back for more. I wanted to feel as if I was at a night market where I can just eat my way through everything. With my parents and sister Yuntiha, we managed to check out a few places: […]

Part 1: Anaheim Packing House – Rolling Boil hot pot

I went to the 626 Night Market a few weeks ago where I indulged in a lot of street food and then I remembered there is something similar to that in Anaheim…sort of. The Anaheim Packing House (District) is located in downtown Anaheim (near Disneyland-ish). I was here in November of 2014 for my birthday […]