My PDX (Portland, OR) Itinerary

November 7, 2015 to November 9, 2015

3 Days 2 Nights in Portland, OR

Portland, OR for the weekend really wasn’t enough. There was so much to do and EAT! We managed to pack quite a bit in our quick weekend trip and it was pretty much non-stop eating. And I think we covered most of Portland (I think).

What did I miss?

Day 1 – Downtown, Chinatown, and North Portland

It was raining when we arrived in Portland and that made me super excited. It hadn’t rained much in San Diego and I honestly miss walking in the rain with an umbrella (am I weird?). After a little ordeal of trying to figure out where to find our Uber driver (they have a specific pick up area) we made our way to our Airbnb accommodations and then quickly made our way to Downtown Portland looking for lunch. We were starving! From there we made our way through downtown (lunch at Sushi Ichiban, walk through the Lan Su Chinese Garden, waited in the long Voodoo Doughnuts line) in the rain and when the rain got a little too overwhelming for us we hopped on the light rail and made our way North to get some beer at Widmer Brother Brewery and Ecliptic Brewing and finally made our way to a very late dinner. That was a long day!

Day 2 – South East Portland

The next day, we started a little later after a rather long first day in Portland. We walked to a local brunch place kind of close to our place then headed to Southeast Portland for lots of shopping, food, dessert, and cider. We could have easily spent the whole day and more in this area (this would have been an awesome area to stay in). We headed back into Downtown Portland because we just absolutely HAD to check out Powell’s Books (the flagship location of course) and then headed back up to North Portland for dinner at Ox Restaurant.

Day 3 – Alder Street Food Cart Pod

Our final day in Portland and it was a sunny and dry day (though we didn’t know that and carried our umbrellas with us all day)! We once again had a late start and headed into Downtown Portland to check out one of the biggest food cart pods in Portland (Alder Street Food Cart Pod) and basically got too much amazing food. We technically could have gone to Powell’s since we were back in Downtown Portland but since we marked that off our checklist the previous day, we made our way to Waterfront Park for views of the many bridges that span the Willamette River. Did you know Portland has been nicknamed “Bridgetown” because of all of these bridges? We also had to get a quick shot of the “White Stag” Sign also known as the “Portland Oregon” sign.

Overall this trip was a success. My first time traveling with Sebas and BH, and I managed to kind of wing it without doing too much research and without a detailed itinerary. Transportation in Portland is awesome, but we still used Lyft and Uber and friends several times. In that end, I think that was the best way to enjoy PDX.


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