Sentosa 1 Day Itinerary, Getting Around and Sentosa FUN Pass

160908j Sentosa Island Cable Car _26

Sentosa is a small resort island south of (the main?) Singapore Island; home to beach resorts, Universal Studios, golf courses, Fort Siloso and many other touristy attractions. It’s one of those places that is a must go to place in Singapore when visiting. We dedicated a whole day for Sentosa but there is definitely enough to do there for days.

160908c Resort World _22Our 1 Itinerary:

Check out some of our posts about each of these places!

There are several options for how to get to and from Sentosa (walk or bike), MRT/Sentosa Express, Bus or Shuttle Bus, Taxi or Car, cable car). We chose to take the cable car from Mt. Faber which is probably one of the most expensive options, but it was worth the view. This is also the same exact way I took to get to Sentosa during my last visit in 2006.

Taxi to Mt. Faber

160908b Mt Faber Cable Car to Sentosa _04

We took a taxi from our Airbnb in Clark Quay to Mt. Faber. And the day started off somewhat rocky because our Taxi Driver Uncle didn’t actually want to take us! I told him I wanted to go to Mt. Faber to take the cable car to Sentosa. He kept telling me the cable car is actually at Harbour Front and said he would take us to Harbour Front. I corrected him a couple times, but decided I didn’t want to bother and let him take us to Harbour Front. I was getting upset but didn’t want to make the day worse – it’s just going to be a little cheaper and a shorter cable car ride. This taxi ride was useless cause we could have easily gotten to Harbour Front via MRT.

160908b Mt Faber Cable Car to Sentosa _16

Lucky for us, Taxi Driver Uncle changed his mind and suddenly said he was taking us to Mt. Faber. Yay! Thank you Taxi Driver Uncle.

Cable Car from Mt. Faber

160908b Mt Faber Cable Car to Sentosa _57

There are quite a few different types of passes and tickets you can buy at (or online before) and to be honest, it was kind of confusing trying to decide on what we wanted because there are so many different packages and add on tickets to different attractions.

160908b Mt Faber Cable Car to Sentosa _18

I definitely recommend doing some extra homework on deciding what you want and what is the best deal from getting tickets at Mt. Faber or even buying tickets (or passes in Sentosa – what we did). Check out all of the options on their website.

At Mt. Faber, we simple bought 1 Round Trip Sky Pass and made our way to Sentosa.

160908b Mt Faber Cable Car to Sentosa _45160908b Mt Faber Cable Car to Sentosa _54

Since we were there just a little after they opened that day, there was no wait and we hopped onto our Cable Car right after a quick stop in the gift shop to get our free gift (magnets).

The cable car connects Mt. Faber to Harbour Front (why Taxi Driver Uncle wanted to take us Harbour Front) and then to Sentosa.

160908b Mt Faber Cable Car to Sentosa _44160908b Mt Faber Cable Car to Sentosa _56

In the cable car, we had some amazing views of the some of the amazing greenery in Singapore, parts of the world’s second-busiest ports in terms of total shipping tonnage, and a birds eye view of the northern part of Sentosa.

Sentosa Bus 1 and 2

160908g Sentosa _09

Our first stop in Sentosa was to go to S.E.A. Aquarium. And after researching the map and asking a few people, we made our way to the Imbiah Lookout bus stop. And pretty much hopped on the first bus we came our way and headed to Resort World.

160908c Resort World _03160908g Sentosa _05

They dropped us off in a big basement parking area which looked some what intimidating when we first arrived and after spending a little bit of time at Resort World, S.E.A. Aquarium, eating at Malaysian Street Food and making a quick photo stop at the Universal Studios entrance we made our way back to the basement and waited for the either Sentosa Bus 1 or 2.

160908g Sentosa _08

Both Sentosa Bus 1 and 2 go to many of the same places but they also have a few stops that are a little different so make sure you look at exactly what places you are trying to get to.

We were heading to Merlion Plaza both buses stop there.

160908g Sentosa _10

160908i Siloso Beach Sentosa _86And that was when I saw a famous person from the bus! I recognized Xiaxue’s car immediately. We were stopped at a toll thing and it looked like she was hopping back into the passenger seat of her own car. I only got a picture of her car!

Sentosa Beach Tram

We ended up walking to the beach from the Merlion and then took the Sentosa Beach Tram all the way along the southern coast of Sentosa.

The Sentosa Beach Tram seems to just loop the same road all along to coast. It seems to be a busy tram!

And we went from Palawan Beach to Siloso Point. I think that’s almost the whole line a couple stations.

Cable Car – Sentosa Line

160908j Sentosa Island Cable Car _05160908j Sentosa Island Cable Car _24

We were getting tired from all of the walking (in the Singapore heat and humidity) and took another cable car from Siloso Point (located south western part of Sentosa) all the way back up to Imbiah Lookout.

This cable car yields views of the southern coast line and I was pretty excited to see some people ziplining! (I wish I did that).

Our Cable Car – Sentosa Line tickets are actually part of a the Sentosa Fun Pass we ended up buying.

160908j Sentosa Island Cable Car _11

Sentosa FUN Pass

160908b Mt Faber Cable Car to Sentosa _59

For SG$59.90/person, you can use the pass and go to (up to) 5 out of 20 different attractions in Sentosa in 1 day. They also have options 3 or up to 20 in one day but 5 was perfect for us.

The 20 options really proves that you can spend more than one day in Singapore. And after going through the 20 options available, we as a family decided on: S.E.A. Aquarium, Sentosa Merlion, Sentosa Cable Car – Sentosa Line, Skyline Luge Sentosa (1 Luge ride & 1 Skyride), and Tiger Sky Tower.

Check out all 20 options they have available!

160908g Sentosa _11

Of course Sentosa is a tourist location. Beaches are mostly man-made to make you feel as though you are in paradise as the Port of Singapore does its thing behind the man-made (reclaimed) islands. Tourist attractions are mostly strategically located in Sentosa making it a wonderful one stop shop for all things.

There is a world class (once the world largest) aquarium, water park, a Sky Tower that will give you amazing panoramic views (an experience that may be found in many other major tourist cities in the world), a unique Luge thing that is only found in a number of other cities and countries, a zip line, golf course, and now there is even Universal Studios Singapore just to name a few things you can do in Sentosa.

In a way, Sentosa reminds me of Jeju Island in Korea. It is a travel destination where you do not need to leave the island to see and do everything. There are enough attractions to keep you and your family very busy for several days!


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