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Old Airport Road Food Centre

If you have been following my posts from my trip to Singapore last September you will have noticed that we have visited quite a few different food centres. Those food centres range from a modern food court at Food Republic to a touristy mock street market at Chinatown Food Street and Malaysian Street Food to a more traditional […]

Malaysian Food Street – Malaysian Version of Singaporean Food

After spending the morning at the aquarium, we headed off to find food to fill out tummies. Prior to heading over to Sentosa, Sarah has already did her research and mentioned that there is an area that sold Malaysian street food that we should try. The lazy person in me didn’t do any research and […]

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Singapore

After deciding on where we would be staying in Singapore, I did a quick google search of the exact location of our accommodation. And just downstairs from our Airbnb studio apartment is a Ya Kun Family Cafe at The Central. And after checking-in and putting our luggage down, I dragged my family downstairs for their […]

Grand Central Market LA: Eggslut, Berlin Currywurst, The Oyster Gourmet, Clark Street Bread, etc.

Grand Central Market LA: Eggslut, Berlin Currywurst, The Oyster Gourmet, Clark Street Bread, etc. I went to Grand Central Market mainly for Eggslut because breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day and I like eggs! There is definitely a hype about this place. But after going to Grand Central Market for Breakfast, […]

Degraves Street, Cafe Andiamo CBD Melbourne

Melbourne – Day 4 – Part 2 I read about a Parisian styled laneway with lots of coffee and Italian food before leaving for Australia, but with so much going on, I kind of forgot about this place. That was until we stumbled upon this laneway the previous day as we were exploring the other […]

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Day 2 – Part 1 We talk about going to Australia one day all the time, but quite honestly was never really motivated to actually go (there are just so many other places to go to). But one motivating factor was my Auntie who is a pretty picky eater and after eating seafood in […]

Pancakes on the Rocks Sydney

Sydney – Day 1 – Part 2 After doing the Sydney Bridge Climb, it was almost 1:30pm. We met up with Mom and Auntie and decided to go to Pancakes on the Rocks in the Rocks district. I noticed that as we were driving into the “city” from the suburbs that the streets were pretty narrow […]

CUCINA urbana Bankers Hill, San Diego CA

After a couple long meetings in the morning, I was invited to join my friend for lunch today and I was super excited that she had reservations at CUCINA urbana which is only a few blocks from my office in Bankers Hill, San Diego. CUCINA urbana actually sells wine at retail price; you just need […]

Tim Ky Noodle Mira Mesa San Diego

So my Best Friend V asked me out to lunch and she wanted to go to Tim Ky Noodle 添記麵家 in Mira Mesa because she wanted to eat Pork Kidney noodles. Located on the corner of Mira Mesa Blvd and Black Mountain Rd in the corner of that plaza, this little location has gone through […]

Ironside Fish and Oyster – Little Italy San Diego

Followers may remember that the Little Italy Farmers Market is one of my favorite seafood spots in San Diego (on Saturdays only) because of the fresh sea urchin! Anyways, I was back in Little Italy recently and because it was not a Saturday, I settled for another seafood spot in Little Italy and ended up […]