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North Bound California Coast Highway 1 Road Trip – Part 3: McWay Falls, Big Sur to Monterey Bay, CA

After a few stops at a few California Coast Highway 1 lookouts we continued north bound to McWay Falls and then finally to Monterey Bay, CA. I really did not want to miss McWay Falls, Big Sur, CA. This is one of the most photographed spots in Big Sur. I was quite paranoid that we would […]

North Bound California Coast Highway 1 Road Trip – Part 2: Random Lookouts along CA Hwy 1

Note: fill up your gas tank BEFORE heading onto the California Coast Highway 1! Why? Because gas is NOT cheap! It’s always a little tricky when taking a road trip with a rental car not knowing how big your gas tank is, and not how far you can get on a tank of gas. I […]

North Bound California Coast Highway 1 Roadtrip – Part 1: Morro Bay, CA

We recently had a 3 day weekend and my family and I decided to go on a weekend trip to Monterey from San Diego. This was the perfect opportunity for us to take the scenic route up the California Coast Highway 1. With only a few stops the full drive took us nearly 11 hours. But […]

Venice Beach For An Afternoon in the Sun (Los Angeles Weekend Trip – part 1)

Los Angeles Weekend Trip – part 1 I go on day trips from San Diego to Los Angeles or Orange County all the time. It’s usually less than 2 hours away and makes for a nice little getaway and often good food (Asian food). I recently drove up to Los Angeles with my boyfriend (BH) […]

Blue Mountains Echo Point Lookout and Three Sisters Giant Stairway

Australia – Day 13 – Blue Mountains (part 1) As our trip was winding down to the final few days left, we kind of planned a rather ambitious day to head out to the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters and then to Jenolan Caves. We started our day bright and early and drove […]

Road Trip! Sydney to Melbourne …it’s 8 hrs on the road…and Vietnamese Food

Road Trip! Did you know Australia is huge?! I had an idea, but it didn’t really hit ’til the day I started planning for Australia knowing that we wanted to go to both Sydney and Melbourne and even the rest of Australia (in 2 weeks). Obviously, it’s not realistic to see all of Australia in 2 weeks. It’s a pretty easy drive. Just take the Humes Highway (Motorway/Freeway) from Sydney to Melbourne.

My Big Island Hawaii Itinerary

Hawaii Island is the youngest but the biggest island of the Hawaiian Archipelago, and is therefore know as the “Big Island.” With less than six days, we managed to drive all the way around it after arriving on the Kona side and leaving from the Hilo side. We barely managed to experienced a little bit […]

My Oahu Hawaii Itinerary

My 2014 trip was an 8 night 9 day 2 island Hawaii vacation (and to attend my cousins wedding on the Big Island). With just a little over a week in Hawaii, it was going to be a tight trip if we wanted to visit more than 1 island. But because this was going to […]

Hawaii Road Trip: South Point, Panualu’u Bake Shop and Black Sand Beach, Onomea Scenic Drive

Big Island – Day 3 After attending my cousins wedding the previous night, we got up slowly and prepared for a long day. We checked out of our condo to head to the apartment we rented via VRBO.com on the Hilo side of the island in Honomu near Akaka Falls. It would be a 1.5 hour drive […]

Driving in Jeju

I was inspired by Polkadotyyann’s trip to Jeju Island and decided to plan something similar. Her trip to Jeju covered the whole island, making it an awesome road trip all the way around Jeju. Plus, we have to be 25 years old to rent a car (with out having to pay ridiculously high fees) so […]