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Gardens by the Bay – Cloud Forest and Flower Dome Double Conservatories

Singapore is nicknamed the “garden city” and with the additional Gardens by the Bay in 2012 their nickname is more like “the city in the garden.” The beautiful Gardens by the Bay takes up 250 acres of reclaimed land and consists of gardens along the bay (south, east, and central). Bay South is the biggest […]

North Bound California Coast Highway 1 Road Trip – Part 3: McWay Falls, Big Sur to Monterey Bay, CA

After a few stops at a few California Coast Highway 1 lookouts we continued north bound to McWay Falls and then finally to Monterey Bay, CA. I really did not want to miss McWay Falls, Big Sur, CA. This is one of the most photographed spots in Big Sur. I was quite paranoid that we would […]

Blue Mountains Scenic World (more views of Three Sisters)

Australia – Day 13 – Blue Mountains (part 2) As if we hadn’t seen Three Sisters enough from Echo Point and the Three Sisters Giant Stairway, we went to Scenic World for even more views of Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, and easy hikes. Scenic World is a privately owned tourist attraction that gives you some […]

My Big Island Hawaii Itinerary

Hawaii Island is the youngest but the biggest island of the Hawaiian Archipelago, and is therefore know as the “Big Island.” With less than six days, we managed to drive all the way around it after arriving on the Kona side and leaving from the Hilo side. We barely managed to experienced a little bit […]

Akaka Falls Hawaii

Akaka Falls State Park

The Akaka Falls State Park is pretty much another big garden with two waterfalls. Akaka Falls really is the main thing to see in their 65.4 acre park. It is either $5/car or $1/person if you walked there. There is someone at the park entrance watching and making sure you pay.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Tropical Botanical Garden, and Lunch at What’s Shakin

Big Island – Day 4 – Part 1 We started the day by heading back onto the Onomea Scenic Drive to go to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden and then grabbed lunch at What’s Shakin’ a food stand located at the north end of the Onomea Scenic Drive. We drove through the Onomea Scenic Drive the […]

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, Bridge to Saeseom, Oedolgae Rock

A waterfall, a bridge, and a big rock; all within 5 minutes of each other. These three destinations are almost all next to each other, and if you’re in a time crunch or looking for a place to hike just outside of Seogwipo check out Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, Saeseom Island, and Oedolgae. Cheonjiyeon Waterfall Legend has […]

Jeju Island: A New 7 World Wonders of Nature

With only 2 weeks in South Korea, we made out way to Jeju Island located in south-west of the South Korean peninsula. It is considered to be the Hawaii of South Korea possibly because of its mild island climate, and the many UNESCO world heritage locations on the island making it a favorite honeymoon/vacation spot […]