Monthly Archives: September 2015

Pancakes on the Rocks Sydney

Sydney – Day 1 – Part 2 After doing the Sydney Bridge Climb, it was almost 1:30pm. We met up with Mom and Auntie and decided to go to Pancakes on the Rocks in the Rocks district. I noticed that as we were driving into the “city” from the suburbs that the streets were pretty narrow […]

The Sydney Bridge Climb

Sydney – Day 1 – Part 1 I just got back from a 2 week family vacation to Australia to visit some family and friends for the first time. And I just had to check something off my bucket list: Climb the Sydney Bridge. This was pretty much the very first thing I did after arriving in […]

Tap and Press – Hillcrest San Diego, CA

We were supposed to go to Lemonade in Hillcrest but when we got there it was closed for some remodeling. I’d been hearing all about this place that just opened (it’s originally from Los Angeles) with 2 brand new locations with San Diego in Hillcrest and UTC. I’ve been dieing to check it out! Anyways, […]

Rare Form Delicatessen Restaurant – East Village San Diego, CA

A few weeks ago, I went to the Stone Brewery Tap Room in East Village and made the wrong (I knew it was wrong) turn and walked into Rare Form Delicatessen Restaurant. We ended up going to the Stone Brewery Tap Room to refill our growler, but I did mention that I really wanted to come […]

Tacos El Gordo – Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

I grew up in San Diego where Mexican food is almost everywhere. California Breakfast Burritos, Carni Asada Fries, Taco Tuesdays…and you can definitely find some amazing authentic Mexican food here in San Diego (with out actually having to cross the border though it can be a quick walk across the border). Late night carne asada […]