N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower): 360 Views and Lots of Love

N Seoul Tower formally known as Namsan Tower named over the mountain it sits on was renamed after a big renovation in 2005. I have been to several other towers like this around the world but this one is a little different. It sits on top of a mountain and almost looks as though the bottom half of this tower is the mountain. Located at the center of the city, it is from the top of N Seoul Tower where you will get 360 degree views of Seoul.

There are several ways to get to the base: walk, car/bus, cable car. We took the cable car, but before getting there it was a bit of a walk (and sometimes up some upward slopes) from Myeongdong. Unfortunately the Myeongdong station is the closest subway station.


Before boarding the cable car

We originally wanted to go up to N Seoul tower to see the sunset but with the overcast we decided to head up early. And lucky for us we beat the crowds. The cable car is a big rectangular glass box that takes us near the base of N Seoul Tower. During the short ride you are sliding up above Namsan trees with some close up views of nearby rooftops.


Checking out the views from our cable car


At the base of NSeoul Tower

Once we’re on the ground again, it’s another little hike up a flight of stairs before you get to see N Seoul Tower (they sure did make us work to get there). There are plenty of things to see and do at the base of the tower, but before that might as well go get our tickets (yes, we need to get additional tickets on top of the price of the cable car) to get our 360 degree views.

It’s a quick 30 second ride up an elevator that displays a video in the ceiling showing that we are taking off into space (kind of random) and then the elevator operator tells us how long the ride took then lets us off.

The views are actually relatively similar to the views from the base of the tower, just that you get to see more. Make your way all the way around and look for familiar places you have been in Seoul so far.


Send a postcard from the top of N Seoul Tower


Love N Letter home

There is a shop for you to get souvenirs etc. (of course you can the same things at the base as well). Here, Yunti and I got a couple post cards to send home to our family (and to ourselves since we should be home by the time we receive it). It was just convenient that they included the stamps with the post cards and we could simply drop it off in the box right there.

After that, go down one floor. You’ll find a revolving restaurant (you can sit down enjoy a nice meal and get your 360 degrees of Seoul in less than an hour), stop to buy some cosmetics (cosmetics really are everywhere), a coffee shop (those are everywhere too!), and stop by the bathroom to at least wash your hands just more views of Seoul (from the bathroom).


Close up of wishes and notes written on locks (and cell phone cases?)


Walls of locks

Back at the base of the N Seoul tower, there is plenty to do and see at all. There is Teddy Bear museum, more shopping (souvenirs, teddy bears, and cosmetics), walls (and trees) of love locks.

N Seoul tower is not just a popular tourist spot but a popular date spot as well. Couples can bring (or buy) a lock, write a note, and attach it to a fence or to a love lock tree. Check out all of the old rusted locks that are still there and the new locks. I like that people are even writing on cell phone cases, I guess some couples just need extra writing space).

Love locks not enough? Take a break on a love bench. They’re basically a bench that is slanted towards the middle. So couples are forced to sit right next to each other. We took a seat at one of these love benches, but I don’t think it looks very romantic or cute. I think it kind of looks like we broke the bench and that we’re about to fall off. What do you think?


It’s a love bench…We’re not breaking the bench.


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