Hello Kitty Cafe: Hongdae


Where (Phone Number and Address):
358-112 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea ‎
Click here for a Map and directions

As mentioned in my previous post about cafes in South Korea, we went to a Hello Kitty themed cafe. I admit I’m not a big Hello Kitty fan, but it was worth the experience (and of course Vi is a big big fan, so there was no question to whether we should go or not).

Hello Kitty Cafe SamcheongDong

We went to the hongdae outlet, but there are several in located in Seoul and in other major South Korean cities. We walked by the another Hello Kitty Cafe in Samcheong-dong but it wasn’t opened at that time (I think that location was cuter).

The experience starts before you even step inside. The building is pink and screams Hello Kitty! The Hongdae location had a much more unique exterior. It looked more like a home than a cafe with a pink garage door right in front. (If you google “Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul” you will see plenty of great pictures of the exterior.) Once you’re inside, it’s more pink and Hello Kitty everywhere. Apparently the second floor was closed when we were there, but the floor still yields some good views for people watching (my favorite) and plenty of Hello Kitty.



Hello Kitty Desserts


We ordered a green tea latte, latte, lemonade, and a tiramisu. Everything was topped with an image of Hello Kitty (super cute) except for the lemonade (darn!). I half expected the drinks to be served in cute tea/coffee cups, but at least they were still in Hello Kitty paper cups.

Did I mention that Hello Kitty was everywhere, from the tables to the window cut outs inside. If it wasn’t Hello Kitty it would be her bow. I honestly wasn’t sure if everything was tinted pink because there was so much pink inside, or if the lights were pink, or if everything really was pink (I sure did have to adjust to the color).

And like many other cafes in South Korea, you can leave your mark by drawing on a rock or on one of those globe light thingies.



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